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Celebrating International Women’s Day with three Warwick women in the arts

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we brought together three of Warwick’s most influential women in the arts. Eve Allin and Hetty Melrose are theatre-makers, and co-founders of Nettle Theatre which creates feminist work for and about 21st-century women; Lanaire Aderemi is a spoken word performance poet, an artist in residence...
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Posted Mar. 8, 2019

The wonderful world of societies at Warwick

Take a look inside the world of societies at Warwick! From the reason behind joining societies, to an insight into some of the societies that Warwick offers. Why join societies? Reece Goodall Societies are so important at Warwick, for tons of reasons. When I started, I never really gelled with...
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Posted Oct. 1, 2018

Warwick’s art and creative media societies – part 2

Art Although art may not be an available degree programme at Warwick, we know there is creativity running throughout campus. We are here to harness that in each and every student, providing a platform for all things arty, whatever your ability. We run twice weekly life drawing sessions and various...
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Posted Sep. 26, 2018

Warwick’s dance societies – part 2

Gaana Dance I came to university thinking I wouldn’t be that involved in Gaana dance as I’ve loved Bollywood all my life. But Gaana Dance Society (Gsoc) has completely changed my opinion. I have never enjoyed dancing with a group of people more than I have at Gsoc. From classes...
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Posted Sep. 25, 2018

Warwick’s theatre and performance societies – part 2

Comedy Warwick Comedy mixes a wealth of performance opportunities with a sociable and inclusive atmosphere. You will be writing and performing with all our other enthusiastic society members throughout the year, allowing you to build close friendships as well as learn from one another. We offer ‘Stand up and Sketch...
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Posted Sep. 24, 2018

Why you should join… WUFF

As we pass the 20 piece mark in this year’s “Why you should join” series, the Swimming and Water Polo Club (WUFF) tell you why you should join. So. You’re packing for uni. A swimsuit might not be on everybody’s list, with Warwick being pretty much the most landlocked campus...
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Posted Sep. 22, 2018

Warwick’s art and creative media societies – part 1

Cobalt Cobalt Magazine has been an almost five-year passion project, passed down year to year as a precious and well-loved society. Created in 2014 to fill the creative gap in Warwick’s student media, Cobalt displays a fabulous array of student talent. We’re unique in that all submissions we take get...
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Posted Sep. 21, 2018

Warwick’s dance societies – part 1

Argentine Tango Warwick Argentine Tango is the perfect society for anyone who is curious to try a new dance or is already a skilled tango-er. Both beginner and improver lessons, as well as drinking/non-drinking socials, help cater for all levels and members. Every member in our society is welcomed to...
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Posted Sep. 19, 2018

Warwick’s theatre and performance societies – part 1

Codpiece Codpiece is an innovative and creative drama society here at the University of Warwick. We specialise in creating avant-garde pieces of theatre through movement and alternate stimuli. This means we do not always work from a text; we can work from anything ranging from different themes or even just...
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Posted Sep. 17, 2018

Why you should join… Boxing

As part of this year’s “Why you should join series”, we hear from the Amateur Boxing Club as they have their say about why they should be your top choice.   The University of Warwick Amateur Boxing Club has opportunities for everybody. If you want to compete in the ring...
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Posted Sep. 10, 2018

Why you should join… Mixed Hockey

As we move closer to the start of the year, we hear from Mixed Hockey as they chime in as part of this year’s “Why you should join” series This is going to sound very cliché, but Mixed Hockey is more than just a hockey club, we’re a family. Our...
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Posted Sep. 6, 2018

Why you should join… Taekwondo

We hear from Katie Pickering of Taekwondo as she describes the strengths and allure of the club in this year’s “Why you should join” series.   It’s simple, Taekwondo is awesome! From training sessions to socials, I’ve always found Taekwondo at Warwick to have a fun and friendly environment. Personally,...
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Posted Sep. 2, 2018

Why you should join…Lifesaving

As we carry on with the “Why you should join” series we hear from Warwick Lifesaving as they have their say regarding why they’re the best fit for you.   We have a diverse and welcoming community of members who end up becoming a supportive family that you’ll never know...
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Posted Sep. 1, 2018