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The wonderful world of societies at Warwick

Take a look inside the world of societies at Warwick! From the reason behind joining societies, to an insight into some of the societies that Warwick offers.

Why join societies?

Reece Goodall

Societies are so important at Warwick, for tons of reasons. When I started, I never really gelled with anyone on my course or in my flat – societies were a way for me to find friends who shared similar interests, and the social side was very appealing, particularly as a non-drinker (at the time, pretty much every social event the SU put on involved tons of drinking). I got involved with FilmSoc and this very paper (both of which appealed to my interests), and I found two new families and two new homes at Warwick.
When you add the skills that you can learn (CV augmenters, take note!) and the ways that societies help you develop as a person (especially if you take the plunge and run for an exec), the Socs Fed fee really doesn’t seem too heavy an investment – you’ll get so much out of it, from experiences to friends and partners, and they will stay with you throughout your life.


Warwick Pole and Aerial Arts

Georgia Stainforth

WPAA is a student-led society teaching pole dance, aerial hoop, aerial silks, flexibility and conditioning.
As well as our weekly classes we offer specialist workshops and regular social events. The cheap classes and family atmosphere ensure the society maintains its inclusive reputation. As an active member of WPAA for the past year they have provided me with a means not only to improve my physical fitness. But the society has also improved my mental wellbeing. Their regular social events, exec led family system and student led teaching ensures strong bonds are built amongst all members
Without a doubt WPAA is all about inspiring confidence, challenging stereotypes and having fun.


Public Speaking Society

Yuihan Boom

Before I joined the society, the idea of speaking in public would be nerve-wracking to me. But now, I am a confident public speaker who can communicate and engage with the audience effectively. In just over a year of being actively involved in the society, my confidence and public speaking skills have improved tremendously. On top of the opportunities to practice speaking in weekly society meetings, the Masterclass sessions offer insightful tips on aspects such as pitch, body language, structure and delivery to improve the quality of our speeches. The dedicated committee always ensure sessions are useful for members. And most of all, the society provides a friendly platform for members to grow and learn from each other. I am thankful for this wonderful society which I have benefited so much from!


University Officers’ Training Corps

Micheal Man

The University Officers’ Training Corps is probably the least known society on campus. As a student-only Army Reserve, we are a different kind of university club. Our activities range from shooting on a range to attacking mock enemy positions in Wales. But it’s not all military. We play sport against other university clubs and have phenomenal socials. Last year, we had dinner at the Birmingham City Council House. What makes us unique is our sense of belonging which doesn’t stop when we take off the uniform and head back to lectures. As a Fresher in the UOTC, you’ll have a truly unique experience and become part of a tight-knit community. You’ll even earn £40.7 a day!
Too good to be true? Come talk to our members on the 22 September or on social media.

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