University of Warwick Lifesaving
University of Warwick Lifesaving

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As we carry on with the “Why you should join” series we hear from Warwick Lifesaving as they have their say regarding why they’re the best fit for you.


We have a diverse and welcoming community of members who end up becoming a supportive family that you’ll never know how you managed without. With four weekly sessions, weekend-long competitions and a variety of socials throughout the term, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know your fellow lifesavers and forge strong and lasting friendships.


We offer a dedicated swimming fitness session each week to help your technique, speed, and stamina. Plus, during our other weekly pool sessions, we train for Lifesaving speeds events. Speeds are a unique style of swimming race that focus on a variety of lifesaving skills such as towing people and mannequins, swimming underwater, and throwing ropes. Practising for these events helps you keep fit in a fun and interesting way.

Come along to any of our four weekly sessions and we can teach you something new or help you build on any existing skills. All our members are invited to come along to inter-university lifesaving competitions. These competitions are unlike anything you have ever seen before: as well as the speeds events mentioned earlier, you will also take part in Simulated Emergency Response Competitions, or SERCs for short. Teams of four competitors have 2 minutes to save as many lives as possible- it’s a great chance to practice first aid skills under pressure and it really gets the adrenaline pumping! Outside of the sport itself we run a wide selection of socials, from meals out and clubbing to laser tag and trampoline parks. We always have plenty of opportunities to get stuck in!

In terms of first aid training, three of our weekly sessions provide the opportunity to learn and practice first aid skills, both in and out of water. We also run official first aid courses in which you can gain qualifications. The skills you can learn are priceless and they look great on your CV! We pride ourselves on sharing first aid knowledge with as many people as possible because we truly believe that this knowledge can save lives.

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