University of Warwick Amateur Boxing Club
University of Warwick Amateur Boxing Club

Why you should join… Boxing

As part of this year’s “Why you should join series”, we hear from the Amateur Boxing Club as they have their say about why they should be your top choice.


The University of Warwick Amateur Boxing Club has opportunities for everybody.

If you want to compete in the ring and win the British Universities Championships, we can get you there.

If you want to engage in the local community, inspiring disadvantaged young people to take up boxing and take academia seriously, or learn to run your own sessions for school children during outreach programmes while gaining certificates in coaching, safeguarding, first-aid or volunteering, you can do it with us.

We also regularly socialise with events on and off campus and you do not have to drink to be a part of this! Last year we all went on tour to Croatia and this year we will be going somewhere else during the Easter break!

Boxing has been proven to improve fitness and confidence with recent studies suggesting it can help with stress levels and issues of mental health.

At Warwick Boxing we’re more than just a ‘fight club’, we are a family that looks out for each other, helping each other improve and give back to the community- so come join us, and be part of our continuing success!



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