The Boar is the University of Warwick’s award-winning student newspaper, with a new edition and 3,000 copies published every two weeks, a reach of over 33,000 students and staff on campus and hundreds of thousands more online, we are one of Warwick’s most successful societies and one of the biggest student newspapers in the country. 

The easiest way to get all of our updates on the latest stories, socials, events and more is by becoming a member! You can do this very easily by buying membership on the SU website. Membership costs £3.00 for the entire academic year. As we are editorially independent from the SU and the University, our printing costs are covered by memberships and advertising. Once you’re a member, you can write for any of our fifteen sections, join our editorial board and receive our latest updates by newsletter. 

We are always looking for new writers and getting involved is easy! The best thing is, you can write as little or as much as you want. The Boar is your student newspaper so any Warwick students can write, with the opportunity of having your work published online and seeing your writing in print. First thing to start your journey with The Boar is to follow our Instagram @WarwickBoar for all of our general updates throughout the year. You can then find writers’ groups for all of our fifteen sections on Facebook, where editors will be posting pitches, reviews and event opportunities regularly. 

The Boar is more than a newspaper, as one of the biggest student media societies on campus we host a variety of socials and events throughout the year. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming community, so check out our Facebook page for our upcoming events.

Our editorial board and business team are democratically elected in March every year. All members are invited to vote and are encouraged to come along and help decide the future of The Boar. Details of the election and positions open for nomination will be released closer to the time. 

Our past members have gone on to do incredible things, with destinations at The Sunday Times, Twitter UK, The Sun, top law firms, postgraduate courses and more. At The Boar, you’ll make connections and friends that you’ll truly treasure for life.