University of Warwick Taekwondo
University of Warwick Taekwondo

Why you should join… Taekwondo

We hear from Katie Pickering of Taekwondo as she describes the strengths and allure of the club in this year’s “Why you should join” series.


It’s simple, Taekwondo is awesome! From training sessions to socials, I’ve always found Taekwondo at Warwick to have a fun and friendly environment. Personally, I joined Taekwondo as a beginner- I’d always wanted to try a marital art, and seeing the cool kicks from the higher belts in the taster sessions drew me in. Whether you’re a beginner or a black belt, training sessions cater to all abilities and grades. As a club we have three types of sessions, ‘WT’, ‘ITF’ and ‘Open Squad’. For me, a big draw to join a sports club was to improve my fitness, after 3 years of being a literal couch potato, I thought it might be time to work on my cardio just a little bit and open squad sessions were perfect for that. They focus on stamina rather than technique, unlike the ITF and WT sessions (ITF and WT being two different styles of Taekwondo).

Aside from the training sessions, within Taekwondo there’s an amazing community of people and great socials every week. From our weekly TEA-kwondo gathering in curiosity, to the infamous ‘circle’ every so often, there is definitely something for everyone. What I will say is, why not come along and have a try?


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