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Warwick’s art and creative media societies – part 1


Cobalt Magazine has been an almost five-year passion project, passed down year to year as a precious and well-loved society. Created in 2014 to fill the creative gap in Warwick’s student media, Cobalt displays a fabulous array of student talent.

We’re unique in that all submissions we take get published, either to the print magazine, or our WordPress. We welcome all creative pieces including photography, prose, poetry, and article or comment pieces. If you’re looking for somewhere to stretch your creative muscles, Cobalt can provide a platform for you to have your work recognised in print! Look out for our launch parties, and our free copies dotted around campus.

Cobalt has given me the chance to express myself, and make some excellent connections in the industry. No matter who you are or how you express yourself, we’re always eager to showcase new talent. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Cobalt family!

Emilly Taylor, President



Craft society is for everyone! You don’t need any prior crafting experience, as we love to welcome people of all abilities. I joined in October 2016 and then became secretary in my second year and president in my final year. For me, it’s always been a place to relax and de-stress during hectic times with like-minded people and get a bit creative. It’s so chilled out and friendly, and it’s great to make something you really like. There is something for everyone, from terranium making and canvas painting to pumpkin carving! To get involved, simply join on the SU site, or if you don’t want to join, it’s £1 per session for non-members.

Anna Bray, President



I joined PhotoSoc last year in October. Thinking about it, it’s incredible how quickly these amazing people made me feel welcome and included. In just a year I have been able to try new and fantastic photographic scenarios, like studio sessions with professional lights and models, or long exposure steel wool photography. The best thing must have been trying to develop my own film in a real darkroom and fall in love with the whole analogic process. It’s hard not wanting to get involved after a short while. All these experiences made my love for photography, which was just flourishing one year ago, become a central part of my life and I am really grateful to the society for this.

Jacob Arbib, Social Media Secretary

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