Why you should join… WUFF

As we pass the 20 piece mark in this year’s “Why you should join” series, the Swimming and Water Polo Club (WUFF) tell you why you should join.
So. You’re packing for uni. A swimsuit might not be on everybody’s list, with Warwick being pretty much the most landlocked campus in Britain, but I’m here to tell you why you absolutely need to bring those speedos.
Swimming and Water Polo is one of the most inclusive clubs on campus, offering two sports for both men and women. Whether you’re sprinting on your own or passing the ball to your teammate, everyone is always up for a recovery chat between sets. If you’re not really sure you’ll be able to lob a polo ball across the pool, have no fear. We tailor the sessions to different abilities, so whether you just want to do it to develop your technique, stay fit or compete at the highest levels at British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS), there’s definitely a space for you. With training available every day of the week, take your pick, and don’t feel limited to one sport – the biggest bonus of having two clubs in one!
When we’re not in the water (or studying, but realistically first year doesn’t count so don’t worry about it), then we’re out getting a meal or a VK (or two) at Pop! We circle every week and the fancy dress never disappoints. When the campus bubble gets to be too much, we have nights out in Leamington and Kasbah, as well as sober socials like bowling and laser tag. We also run a Mini Tour to an undisclosed location in the UK and Tour to an international destination. Previous years have included Spain and Portugal. You might come to swim, but I can assure you, you’ll stay for the socials and the people you meet along the way.


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