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Warwick’s theatre and performance societies – part 2


Warwick Comedy mixes a wealth of performance opportunities with a sociable and inclusive atmosphere. You will be writing and performing with all our other enthusiastic society members throughout the year, allowing you to build close friendships as well as learn from one another. We offer ‘Stand up and Sketch sessions’ that are suitable for all levels of experience and confidence, designed to bring the best out of everyone through testing and improving our material. We also put on regular shows to perform as well as watch. So whether you are serious about doing comedy or merely want to relax and have a laugh, come on down!

The Comedy Exec



At ShakeSoc, we love all things Shakespeare! There’s so much going on throughout the year, and we’re open to everyone.

The best ways to get involved in ShakeSoc is through auditioning to be in one of our plays or applying to direct your own. Our productions aren’t just by Shakespeare, we put on plays by his contemporaries too. Last year I was dramaturg and stage manager for John Fletcher’s The Tamer Tamed and it was the best experience I have had so far at university. Even if you’re not interested in acting, getting involved in a production is a great way to meet people who are just as enthusiastic about the Bard’s works.

But ShakeSoc isn’t just about putting on productions. We have workshops throughout the year, including workshops at the RSC, and a lot of socials, including our hit social Sh!tf@ced ShakeSoc – a production with very few rehearsals and two drunk cast members, what could go wrong?

Becky Wadley, Dramaturg


Tech Crew

Freshers! For those of you who were ever interested in technical theatre production including lighting, sound and stage design/operation or just getting a glimpse of what happens backstage, come say hi at the Tech Crew stand at the Societies Fair. There are two shows coming up in Term 1, which everyone can participate in or learn from, regardless of skill level. There will also be opportunities for freshers to op shows, as well as regular socials on and off campus to various theatre and non-theatre events, so like our Facebook page (@warwicktechcrew) to stay updated!

Tash Boret, Socials and Publicity Officer



Warwick Improvised Theatre Society (WITS) is the perfect society for you, whatever experience you have and whomever you are! If you want to learn and perform Improv then we run dedicated sessions to hone key skills and put on regular performances. If you want to improve your public-speaking, confidence or acting then WITS offer a supportive and nurturing environment to do so alongside friends. If you just want to turn-up, laugh until your stomach hurts and hang-out with a friendly and inclusive group of people for the rest of the evening then there is never any pressure to perform. If you want all three of those things then what are you still reading this for? Join us!

The WITS Exec

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