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Warwick’s theatre and performance societies – part 1


Codpiece is an innovative and creative drama society here at the University of Warwick. We specialise in creating avant-garde pieces of theatre through movement and alternate stimuli. This means we do not always work from a text; we can work from anything ranging from different themes or even just a word. This allows for play and exploration, continually resulting in wacky and charged pieces of art. Some of our most recent work has been J0URN3Y, a movement piece about dementia and Warmth, a piece exploring the functions and interpretations of warmth. Photos of both of these shows can be found online. We are so looking forward to creating more incredible theatre. To get in touch with us, follow us on Instagram allthingscodpiece or like our Facebook page, Codpiece Warwick. We look forward to seeing some freshers join us.

Francesca Robson, Marketing Manager


Drama Collective

In my role as Productions Manager I head up the submissions process for Codpiece, Freshblood, and WUDS (Warwick University Drama Society) shows in the Warwick Arts Centre. Together with Tech Crew, these four societies make up the Drama Collective. As a Collective, we are very lucky to be given the opportunity to put on two productions each term in the fabulous Arts Centre we have right in the heart of our campus. If you’re interested in putting on a published or student-written play, or a piece of devised theatre, the Drama Collective is there to help you make your vision a reality! There are also opportunities to perform in the Warwick Arts Centre with MTW (Music Theatre Warwick) and Opera Warwick if musical theatre is more your thing.

This year the Drama Collective is joining with MTW, Opera Warwick, Shakesoc, and WITS (Warwick Improvised Theatre Society) under the term ‘Warwick Drama’, launching a new social media campaign to bring our societies together through joint socials, workshops, and events. We are very excited to discover what the next academic year will bring and we can’t wait to introduce you all to the fantastic variety of theatre opportunities available to you during your time at the University of Warwick.

Sam Dell, Productions Manager



Freshblood are the only drama society who exclusively produce new student writing! Freshers can get involved with our BRAND NEW writers collective and scratch nights. Come chat to us at the Freshers Fair and like our Facebook page for updates on all our Term 1 opportunities!

The Freshblood Exec



Coming to Warwick, I had never done any remotely classical singing, let alone opera – having a background in musical theatre, I was sure that I would spend all my time at university doing that, so I tumbled into opera by accident. As it happens, it was one of the best accidents I’ve ever been involved in, and one that led me to some of the nicest, most talented people, getting to work with them on shows which were originally way out of my comfort zone. I only wish I’d discovered it earlier! Like many of you guys, who I expect would never have considered doing an opera in a million years, I thought it was a bit weird, a bit OTT, and definitely not for me. If you feel the same, I would strongly encourage you to come along to our Freshers workshops and just have a try – if nothing else, it’s an opportunity to meet some amazing people and sing some even more amazing music. Plus, we do regular socials, both boozy and wholesome. What’s not to love?

Niamh Murphy, Vice-President and Secretary



Warwick Pantomime Society is Warwick’s most inclusive drama society. Everyone who auditions gets a speaking part – if there aren’t enough parts we will write one for you! Everyone is welcome regardless of experience as we stretch the words ‘amateur performance’ to their limits.

The Pantomime Exec



When you think of drama, you think of acting. WUDS doesn’t. Doing theatre at university doesn’t mean that you have to just act, or direct – there are about 50 roles you could take on. From stage managers, marketing managers, publicity designers or hair and make-up artists, WUDS puts on published plays which each present a wealth of opportunities. For me, it’s meant acting, directing, marketing, managing and socialising. Each cast is a group of new people, so over the year you could be in three different shows and get to know 40 people really, beautifully, well. WUDS has given me my university experience and some absolute highlights, performing for nearly 900 people in a professional venue would probably top the list. Probably.

Oscar Sadler, Marketing and Publicity Manager

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