Alice Standen

Male eating disorders: how can we raise awareness?

Despite often being treated as novel diseases, eating disorders can be dated back as far as the 13th century. The oldest form of the illness is widely recognised as anorexia mirabilis, or holy anorexia, in which women or girls would self-starve in the name of religion. Many of these women...
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Posted Jun. 1, 2020

Lo-fi: music made in the bedroom, for the bedroom

Lo-fi is certainly one of the more avant-garde genres to emerge from the technological age: combining distortions and errors in music tracks, it recycles these flaws into a palatable and study-friendly stream perfect for late-night cramming sessions.
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Posted May. 21, 2020

The environmental benefits of minimalism

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice that has a number of environmental benefits. By decluttering our lives, we can escape the binds of consumer culture, buying only things that we really need. For many people, it can be therapeutic to have fewer possessions. For example, some use the KonMari method, a...
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Posted May. 20, 2020