Seven Standen

The return of POP! was irresponsible and unnecessary

The crunch of crumpled plastic cups underfoot, slurred shrieks of drunken girls in fancy dress, the clatter of Eating At Warwick cards thrown down to pay for vodka shots. These are just some of the beautiful sights that freshers are missing out on this year. Yes, POP! certainly used to be...
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Posted Nov. 9, 2020

I am Theroux with Louis Theroux

Alice Standen questions Louis Theroux's popularity, pointing out that his documentaries fail to tell the stories of marginalised groups and controversial subjects, instead exposing their vulnerabilities for entertainment.
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Posted Oct. 17, 2020

Hot takes to heat up the winter months

As the summer draws to a close, we need something to keep us all warm. Nothing keeps a certified cinephile warmer than some delightful hot takes from our writers! The Scooby Doo films are worth rewatching whatever age you are – Oliver Toms When people think of classic films of...
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Posted Sep. 10, 2020