Nell Salvoni

Pandemics throughout history: what can we learn?

Pandemics have ravaged the human race since records began. Yet, prior to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the general population, particularly in the West, was strangely oblivious to the threat a major outbreak of a new contagion could pose. Throughout history, nothing has killed more people than infectious disease. The Spanish...
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Posted Jun. 17, 2020

How is coronavirus impacting society’s most vulnerable?

Global crises, such as wars, economic downturns and the Climate Emergency, have always disproportionately affected society’s most vulnerable. The Coronavirus pandemic is no exception. Governments around the world have legislated to mitigate the virus’ impact on people’s health. However, the unforeseen consequences of it are more difficult to implement policies...
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Posted Mar. 30, 2020

Complete closure of universities to limit Coronavirus “impossible”, say vice-chancellors

Vice-chancellors at a number of UK universities have said that a full-scale closure in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic would be “impossible”. University leaders have told the government that shutting down institutions if the outbreak worsens could leave thousands of students “stranded”, in the words of one vice-chancellor who...
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Posted Mar. 13, 2020

Girls Gone Global: female travellers and their stories

Travelling is an amazing adventure however at the same time is surrounded by many anxieties and dangers especially for women and female solo travellers. Here are some stories by female travellers who have shared their experiences and views about travelling the world as females to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay2020 with The Boar.
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Posted Mar. 8, 2020