Dominic Thornton

Hot takes to heat up the winter months

As the summer draws to a close, we need something to keep us all warm. Nothing keeps a certified cinephile warmer than some delightful hot takes from our writers! The Scooby Doo films are worth rewatching whatever age you are – Oliver Toms When people think of classic films of...
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Posted Sep. 10, 2020

Chadwick Boseman: an icon gone too soon

I heard the news and I didn’t want to be believe it. Chadwick Boseman has died from colon cancer, four years after being diagnosed in 2016. He was 43 years old. The news is devastating. Born in South Carolina in 1976, Boseman studied at Washington D.C.’s Howard University and the...
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Posted Sep. 3, 2020

Summer films to feel the heat

“You can’t stand it, I know you can’t stand it. You can’t stand the heat” sang Steel Pulse on the soundtrack to Do The Right Thing, a film that excels at making you feel the heat that drips off the screen, even when you’re locked indoors. So who needs the...
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Posted Aug. 22, 2020