Cameron Clark

A Boar farewell

Our outgoing Co-Editors-in-Chief and Deputy-Editors-in-Chief describe their final thoughts about their time with The Boar   Cameron Clark (outgoing Co-Editor-in-Chief):  “When I try and talk about The Boar, it’s often hard to articulate quite how much this society means to me. It’s hard to show someone 32 print pages and...
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Posted Mar. 21, 2018

Could Warwick become a game design hub?

It’s no secret that video games and game design have emerged as a growing facet of Warwickshire’s socioeconomic makeup over the last few years. Currently home to the third largest gaming ‘cluster’ outside of London and Dundee, the county has become one of the country’s central hubs for game development and...
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Posted Mar. 30, 2017