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Rees-Mogg calls for tougher sanctions on Russia

Speaking to The Boar on a visit to The University of Warwick, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP voiced his support for stronger economic sanctions against Russia.

Following the attempted murder of ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, the prominent Eurosceptic stated that “we must do more, we’ve got to take this very seriously”. Mr Rees-Mogg elaborated that, “we can’t just lie back and accept that people will be murdered in English cities”. In particular, the MP talked about targeting assets held by Russians in the UK, with a focus on those close to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

When pressed on what forms sanctions may take, Mr Rees-Mogg clarified his view, stating “we don’t want to go to war with Russia”, but noted that “we also need to talk to the Americans, they have more clout in this”.

We can’t just lie back and accept that people will be murdered in English cities

Mr Rees-Mogg stopped short of suggesting any kind of military intervention however, reiterating that with regards to sanctions “probably the most damaging is some kind of economic penalty”.

This comes at a time when relations between Russia and the US remain heightened, with President Trump’s implementation of steel and aluminium tariffs threatening to ignite a trade war between the EU and the US.

The previous Obama administration had taken steps to sanction Russia following alleged interference in the 2016 US Presidential Election, through the expulsion of approximately 35 Russian diplomats. However, during the interview, the MP for North East Somerset questioned this approach, noting that “I’m not sure expelling a few diplomats will do any good”, in the event of future sanctions.

We also need to talk to the Americans, they have more clout in this

This followed a speech in which Rees-Mogg discussed Britain’s place in the world after Brexit, calling for a non-discriminatory immigration policy prioritising high-skilled workers. The MP followed up by stating that he believes unskilled European labour is causing wage stagnation in unskilled jobs.

This talk comes weeks after a similar talk by Mr Rees-Mogg at the University of the West of England was disrupted by protesters, which developed into a scuffle after a member of the audience attempted to assault a protester. In response to this, the Conservative Party announced plans to send more MPs to Universities around the country.

You can read The Boar’s full interview with Jacob Rees-Mogg here.

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  • i’d rather be correct than “mature” or “erudite” any day of the week. being any of the things you mentioned often correlates with being the kind of nasty shithead who brings up the “race card” apropos of nothing just to make sure any uppity foreigns around know their place

  • JRM has nothing against homosexuals, but he is against killing people including babies.

    Most people respect his personal point of view.

  • patricia hunter

    By the way……. I absolutely admire J R Mogg to the HILT… and Id LOVE him to be PM…

  • patricia hunter

    Talk to AMERICA??? You mean the brilliant person I Love called TRUMP??? The person that isnt supposedly fit to be able to VISIT the UK ???? No, THIS poisoning is from a LOT LOT closer to home…

  • Robert Burridge

    Well thank you, who ever you are, for that mature, erudite, well thought-out comment. If in doubt, sling insults about. At least you didn’t play the racist card.

  • nice that the article mentions some scuffle in the west of england, but fails to note that rees-mogg is a human slug who is vocal in his support for homophobia and anti-abortion idiocy. fuck this reptile, and fuck you for writing this slobbery article about him

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