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Rootes and Bluebell ranked among the best University accommodation in the country

The Times Higher Education yesterday released a list of the top 50 student halls offered by universities in the UK, revealing that two of Warwick’s thirteen accommodation blocks offered to undergraduate students have made it onto the list.

The results, taken from a poll of 10,834 students and graduates, is designed to offer incoming students some assistance with their choice of incoming accommodation and takes into consideration factors ranging from location, cleanliness and value for money to social activity, communal areas and WiFi access.

In what might come as a surprise to many, Rootes, one of the university’s oldest and perhaps most well know accommodation blocks, came in at #35 on the overall table. Meanwhile Warwick’s most expensive accommodation block, Bluebell, came in below this at #48.

One of the survey’s key factors in organising the rankings was ‘value for money’, and at £99 per week Rootes was seen to offer better value for incoming students than Bluebell’s £176 per week rent.

Rootes holds a reputation across campus for its sociability whilst Bluebell boasts an impressive Social Space for its residents including facilities such as a pool table.

Katherine Sorab, a second-year Philosophy and Literature student, commented: “I’m not really surprised Rootes beat Bluebell. It may be a bit scuzzy after a group of freshers have left their mark on it but Rootes is great value for money.

“You have a relatively nice and equipped bedroom in a good location on campus without paying through the nose simply for the luxury of a double bed and shower.

Elsewhere on the table, Loughborough’s Falkner Eggington achieved the #1 position, whilst the University of Kent’s Keynes College propped up the table at #50.

You can view the full ranking here.


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