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Warwick wins Varsity for 28th year running

Warwick University have clinched victory in their annual Varsity competition against sporting rivals Coventry University, only two days into the three-day competition.

The result, which came after Warwick’s Women’s Hockey and Men’s badminton both secured victories in their respective matches to push the score over the 29 point threshold, sees Warwick extend their wining streak over Coventry University to 28 years and places Warwick in the position for a landslide victory over their local sporting rivals.

Despite a closer result in 2016, which saw Coventry threaten to overtake Warwick’s lead halfway through the competition, 2017 brought about a more decisive victory, with Warwick scoring 45 points against Coventry’s 25.

The result…places Warwick in the position for a landslide victory over their local sporting rivals

This year’s result looks set to surpass this, with Coventry able to score maximum of 12 more points to add to their current total of 10 during Sunday’s fixtures, which include Weightlifting and Barbell, as well as both the Men’s and Women’s Football, to close out the event.

2018’s result appeared in little doubt early on, with comfortable wins in Equestrian, Snowsports and Men’s Squash setting the tone for the first day. Whilst Coventry were able to claw back points late in the day with victories in both the Men’s and Women’s Basketball, a high volume of strong victories throughout day two saw Warwick drastically extend their lead, with Coventry scoring points in only three of the day’s 16 fixtures.

With Warwick currently on 34 points, following further wins from both Women’s Badminton and Men’s Hockey to round out the second day, Warwick look set to cruise to a comfortable end victory in this year’s competition.

Keep your eyes on Boar Sport and their Varsity Clockwatch during day three for up to the minute coverage and impressions

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