Lucie Carr

The art installation that aims to ‘reverse’ Brexit

Although not all of us are frantically stockpiling following the defeat of Theresa May’s deal on 15 January, many people in the UK are becoming increasingly fearful of the, arguably feasible, prospect of a No Deal. This divorce from the EU has been dominating British news outlets and political discourse...
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Posted Mar. 4, 2019

Words without a direct translation

As an English Literature and German student, one of the many satisfying parts of my degree is unearthing the sizeable number of words in the German dictionary for which there is no direct English translation. With each new discovery, these words remind me that studying languages inspires an appreciation of...
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Posted Feb. 9, 2019

The Orwell Foundation to launch prize exclusively for political fiction

The Orwell Foundation, based at University College London (UCL) and established in the early 1990s by Professor Sir Bernard Crick, uses the work of George Orwell to “celebrate honest writing and reporting, uncover hidden lives and confront uncomfortable truths. It additionally promotes “Orwell’s values of integrity, decency and fidelity to...
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Posted Nov. 14, 2018

‘Explosive’ endings for Bonfire Night

In light of Bonfire Night, I want to attempt to make a rather tenuous link with the explosive nature of certain particularly remarkable endings in literature. A dissatisfying ending is often underwhelming and lacks a climactic angle, while the most noteworthy endings are those which take their readership aback with...
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Posted Nov. 6, 2018

Poetry providing light in our darkest moments

The manner in which poetry is taught in schools is, on the whole, detrimental to the way in which poetry is perceived by society. A Social and Behavioural Sciences study led in 2012 determined that “the experience of the teachers of literature shows that poetry is one of the least...
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Posted Nov. 1, 2018