Manpreet Kaur

How reading can benefit other areas of our lives

The only benefit of reading isn’t just feeling prepared to contribute in a seminar or smashing exams, but realising this has not been a day’s work for me. Especially as a science student, the benefits of reading did not become apparent to me through school. Reading fiction has been a...
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Posted Oct. 13, 2018

AllPoetry: an inclusive platform to improve poetry writing

I started writing poetry during my GCSEs. But the end of my English classes also marked their end because I picked my A levels in science and maths. Poetry, nevertheless, survived in the background in my life. While I still cringe when looking at the lame poetry I wrote in my...
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Posted Sep. 14, 2018

Waving goodbye to Twitter

After having spent yet another year scrolling down Facebook, believing adding people makes friendships official and fooling myself that liking posts and pictures equates to sending warm wishes to my loved ones, I finally decided to bid goodbye to Zuckerberg’s planet on 14thJuly 2018. There weren’t any worries about missing...
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Posted Aug. 25, 2018