Manpreet Kaur

The benefits of Very Short Introductions

Random visits to the Warwick Bookshop for me are therapeutic and a treat. On one visit I noticed the Very Short Introductions (VSI) collection by Oxford University Press. It was so exciting to see books on so many topics: some I found random, others I thought were too simple to need...
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Posted Jul. 5, 2018

Where is home? Understanding identity and culture

As a British citizen, born and brought up in India, explaining to people where ‘home’ is feels like rocket science. I came to Britain when I was 12. I never wondered where I preferred to be, but since coming to university, I constantly ask where my home is. I realised...
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Posted May. 17, 2018

Why You Should Get a Goodreads

As an avid reader, one of the things I can never help thinking about is how many books there are in this world. It bothers me to think I could never read all of them in my lifetime. As I discover more about my values and the things that matter...
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Posted Apr. 15, 2018