Manpreet Kaur

Pollution and poverty, a vicious circle

Pollution is a significant cause of death in our world today. The total number of diseases caused by pollution were responsible for an estimated nine million premature deaths globally in 2015 alone. This is three times more deaths than from AIDS, TB, and malaria, and a shocking 15 times more...
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Posted Apr. 26, 2021

The positive environmental impact of the LGBTQ+ community

The discussion around intersectionality and social justice in regards to climate change is often focussed, and rightly so, on the ways in which marginalised communities are at a greater risk than the rest of the public. Increasingly, we learn how climate is a gender issue, a class issue, and a race issue,...
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Posted Jun. 26, 2020

Royal College of Physicians re-examine euthanasia

As with all ‘grey area’ topics, having an opinion on euthanasia is tough. This age-old debate has probably been around since the idea of ‘mercy killing’ first entered people’s minds. Recently, the discussion gained strength amongst doctors in Britain. It sought to identify whether British doctors believe that the RCP should...
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Posted May. 12, 2020