Ellie-Marie Gardiner

Censoring Young Adult fiction will not protect children

Erotic or ‘dirty’ Young Adult (YA) novels have wreaked havoc and hijinks in classrooms across the planet since the birth of the YA genre. With erotica dating back to ancient Rome with such pieces as the Satyricon and the Phoenician Tale and Daphnis and Chloe of ancient Greek origin, and...
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Posted Mar. 14, 2019

Warwick Women’s volleyball squad faces Coventry

Saturday evening, February 23rd the match was set for the top of the league, Coventry University versus the bottom of the league, our own Warwick Women’s volleyball squad. The match prediction would have seemed simple but Warwick came ready to fight. Playing as a squad and bringing both their first...
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Posted Feb. 28, 2019

A speedrun of Interactive Futures 2019

Interactive Futures and all of its organisers sought to bring together the best of Leamington Spa’s gaming community in a celebration designed to raise awareness of the community to the general public who may not have otherwise been aware of what gaming wonders were made on their doorstep. The expo...
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Posted Feb. 24, 2019

In conversation: Interactive Futures

Interactive Futures is a new three-day event specialising in highlighting the games cluster in Leamington Spa, or the Silicon Spa. Important things to note about the event is that it is a non-profit event, designed to be accessible for all. All people are welcome, even non-gamers who are simply intrigued by...
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Posted Nov. 22, 2018

Super spooky characters in video games

Here at The Boar Games, we love a good scare. This Halloween we’ve gathered our top picks for haunting characters in games, some you might not have thought about, to get you in the spooky spirit. The Joker, Batman: Arkham Asylum My choice is the Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Whilst not an...
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Posted Oct. 31, 2018

From zero to Ultimate, a Smash Bros story

We’ve seen everyone from Wii Fit Trainer to Duck Hunt put into the character roster of the Smash Bros series. Recently we’ve seen a fun-sized Ridley from Metroid and the glorious, iconic, Isabelle of Animal Crossing.  So if “Everyone is here”, how did they get here? How did we go from...
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Posted Sep. 10, 2018

Gamer’s Guide to Freshers Week

For many receiving a confirmed place at your chosen Uni means you’ll be spending the afternoon browsing accommodation options and module choices, and, whilst that’s all well and good, Boar Games is here to give you the low-down on the opportunities for gamers coming to Warwick (or rather Coventry and the...
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Posted Aug. 17, 2018

Motivating yourself to get ahead on your reading lists

Returning home for summer is always chaotic. You’re either working 24/7 to try and replenish that overdraft or you’re one of the lucky ones who’s travelling and taking incredible Instagram photos for us losers to scroll through and dream about. Whatever we’re all doing though, we all share one common...
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Posted Jul. 24, 2018

In conversation with Jónas Antonsson

Jónas Antonsson is CEO of Raw Fury, a Swedish games publisher specialising in the curation of indie games. He co-founded the company along with ex-Battlefield producer Gordon Van Dyke. The interview took place the week prior to the Games Developers Conference 2018. When asked, his experience of the conference was “on...
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Posted May. 31, 2018

Punk, rocking the games industry

The gaming industry as it stands is still in its youth, its malleable years. Despite the first video game being created as early as 1958, the industry really didn’t start to take shape until the 70s and 80s. Following the video game crash of 1983, we saw the industry become...
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Posted Mar. 22, 2018