Sidney Pycroft

Is Substack the future of book consumption?

Author Salman Rushdie has announced that his next project will be released on the site Substack, as opposed to being released as a physical book or ebook. Sidney Pycroft explores the context behind this situation and assesses the merits of the decision.
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Posted Nov. 2, 2021

A Warwick Fresher’s Travel Guide to the Local Area

Warwick University has garnered many nicknames over the years, one such nickname is “The Bubble”, on account of supposedly being a bubble isolated from the world. But, you’ll be happy to hear this isn’t that true, there are loads of places to visit and things to do around the university, student hotspots, and wider afield.
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Posted Oct. 15, 2021

How to get involved with the arts at Warwick

Freshers fairs are over and the first week of term has come to an end: we are sure you have seen many opportunities to take part in the arts at Warwick! Sidney Pycroft writes for us, suggesting many of the possible ways to get involved. Find this article in the paper copy on campus!
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Posted Oct. 8, 2021