Pablo Sandomingo Adams

The Fear of Fear review: “An exercise in storytelling”

Until I watched The Fear of Fear I had no idea that Orwell had written 1984 in a farmhouse on an island off Scotland. This is not particularly surprising: I’m more of a Brave New World boy anyway. The Fear of Fear, written and performed by Stephanie Ridings, cleverly entwines...
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Posted Oct. 10, 2018

Does summer have to be all about ‘the wait’?

The summer after school ends can often become all about ‘the wait’ for results. For me, that period was both shorter and longer than for most others. Having done the IB, my results came out about a month before A-Levels results were available. This meant that most people I knew,...
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Posted Jul. 24, 2018

How to decide what books to take on holiday

What to read when on holiday has been a persistent problem in my life. Ever since Kindles came out, I’ve had a safety net. But since my loyalty is with paperbacks I still feel the weight of the world on my shoulders when deciding what I’ll be taking with me,...
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Posted Jul. 16, 2018

NBA free agency has taken an unexpected turn

The paradigm shifting NBA free agency many expected has now come to pass. However, it has not followed the path most had predicted. It has been a tumultuous first few days of free agency, and with the draft firmly in the rear-view mirror, we can begin to take stock of...
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Posted Jul. 3, 2018

Disparities in university education come as no real surprise

According to a variety of studies, wealthy, white students not only get into university at disproportionate rates but also perform better once in tertiary education. With the recent spate of articles and research papers that have come to light on this issue, one might think we are undergoing a collective...
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Posted May. 28, 2018

“Wonderfully human”: Palmyra review

Having read only the rather uninformative material provided about Palmyra before attending the play, it is natural that I was surprised by the performance. Palmyra is a startlingly visceral, impeccably timed and wonderfully human play. I could leave it at that, but Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas, as well as all others...
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Posted May. 16, 2018

Why is Fire and Fury flying off the shelves?

The maelstrom surrounding Donald Trump’s administration has been churning since before he was sworn in, but perhaps the most in-depth coverage has been produced by Michael Wolff in his new book Fire and Fury (a fitting name, as it is what Trump has sworn to rain down on any who...
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Posted Feb. 5, 2018