Emma Wilkes

Why it’s time to get rid of school uniforms

I’ve never liked school uniforms. One of the things about sixth form that I looked forward to whilst I was doing my GCSEs was not having to wear one. I don’t miss the tent-like skirts, the oversized blazer that made me overheat, or the almost translucent shirts people could see...
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Posted Sep. 20, 2020

What is happening to women in Turkey?

Recently, the Internet has been awash with black and white selfies of women, some of them everyday, some of them celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Christina Aguilera. Underneath these photos is a hashtag, #ChallengeAccepted.  The challenge has been met with confusion. People have been unsure of its purpose. Others...
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Posted Sep. 16, 2020

Why we shouldn’t slam Kasbah for reopening

We’ve probably all thought about how different university life will be when we can finally return to campus. There’ll be no hope of wild nights in Smack or circling in the Copper Rooms, at least for the foreseeable future. We’ll have to put masks in our bags alongside our phones,...
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Posted Sep. 5, 2020

The impact of a poetry-free GCSE

The exams regulator Ofqual has announced that schools will be allowed to drop poetry from GCSE English Literature and Emma Wilkes discusses the possible impact of this
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Posted Aug. 30, 2020

Should we cancel ‘cancel culture’ in music?

Everybody’s talking about cancel culture. It affects us most, however, when the people being cancelled are musicians. We build parasocial relationships with artists when we connect with their music and if they say or do something inflammatory, it feels more personal. Sometimes it hurts. We’re forced into arguments with ourselves...
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Posted Aug. 26, 2020