Dan Williams

Is a ‘Persona 5’ Switch port on the way?

Amidst the numerous requests fans have made for games and franchises to receive Switch ports, Persona 5 stands out as one of the most popular choices. It is a huge JRPG, which itself is a popular choice of genre amongst Nintendo players, as well as the inclusion of Joker into...
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Posted Mar. 2, 2020

FLASHSALE! Sayonara Wild Hearts – Switch Review

Sayonara Wild Hearts is one of those games that is hard to define. It has a very arcade-like sense of structure and level progression, with each level lasting around three minutes at most. It is not exactly a rhythm game, but the music is so well-timed with the action on...
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Posted Feb. 27, 2020

Alter Bridge are on top form in Walk The Sky

Following on from 2016’s stellar ‘The Last Hero’, Alter Bridge are back with their sixth album ‘Walk The Sky’. The band noted that they wanted to change some things musically with this new release, but still retain the same sound and style that they have previously delivered so expertly. The question is, does “Walk The Sky” achieve this?
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Posted Nov. 2, 2019