Cerys Turner

Celebrating Selena: 25 years on

Selena: artist, philanthropist and multi-cultural icon, no other Mexican- American musician has been as seminal as the Tejano Queen. 25 years after her death, Cerys Turner looks back at the singer's life and legacy.
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Posted Mar. 31, 2020

Should students support the UCU strikes?

As long as there has been democracy, there has been protest, ranging from the anti-apartheid in South Africa to the Suffragettes of the U.K. In the shadow of such movements, it’s tempting to compare other strike action in a poor light. This is especially true in a nation in which...
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Posted Mar. 22, 2020

Cigarettes After Sex On Tour

The Texan three-piece are coming to the UK in support of recent single 'Falling in Love', taken from upcoming album Cry. Debuting in 2017 with their self-titled LP, the band have become central to the new surge in 'chill wave' (inspired by the likes of Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins) that has been popularised in the past decade. 
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Posted Feb. 19, 2020

Spotlight On: Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama is the best thing to happen to sugary pop since stars such as Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears gave it it’s bubblegum roots. Along with the likes of Charlie XCX and Grimes, she is reshaping the future of the genre into one that has no dimensions. From the melodic posing of 2013’s ‘Who?’ to her latest track, ‘Comme De Garcons’,  an empowering rejection of modern masculinity, Sawayama gives the box that binds female musicians a new and exciting form.
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Posted Feb. 2, 2020

Grenfell Report: has justice been served?

Whilst most of the UK were bickering over Brexit or preparing for Halloween celebrations, Wednesday 30th October saw the release of the Grenfell report – the first phase of a review into one of the most decade-defining events of modern Britain. Two years after the disaster, the police are still...
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Posted Dec. 4, 2019

Eminem: can a new album redeem his fading image?

Eminem has popularly been hailed as the greatest rapper alive, and this sheer fact introduces a huge pressure on his latest album, which is rumoured to currently be in production. However, based on his recent attempts to regain his musical mojo, think the mediocre reception of Kamikaze (2018) and Revival (2017), can his new album redeem his fading image? Or will it just secure his place as a jaded relic of the hip-hop Hall of Fame? 
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Posted Oct. 16, 2019