Barnaby Papadopulos

Meeting the student sex workers

“You don’t want anyone else to know about it because you will get judged,” says Alice*, laughing. “It’s a deadly secret”. Alice is eighteen years old, quick witted, funny, and, to all intents and purposes, an ordinary student, in her first year of university. But behind closed doors she is...
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Posted Feb. 27, 2020

Is student mental health being treated seriously enough?

Changes to the way mental health support is accessed at the University of Warwick has elicited a sharp response from students, according to a survey conducted by the Boar Features. Students wishing to access mental health support should now enter the ‘wellbeing portal’, after which they are offered to go...
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Posted Feb. 8, 2020

War of the Words

“The Trojans assembled together. They found it hard to recognize each individual dead man… as they wept warm tears, they lifted them on to the wagons…In the same way on the other side the strong-greaved Achaians piled their own slain upon the pyre, with their hearts in sorrow”. Homer’s description...
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Posted Feb. 5, 2020

Election night 2019 – what happened?

What happened indeed, as any hopes of a Labour majority or a hung parliament, were smashed under a tidal wave of seats won for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives. In an early result that would set the tone for election night, Conservative Ian Levy took Blyth valley in Northumberland from Labour, who...
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Posted Dec. 13, 2019

The Battle for Abortion Rights in America

Last week, the Republican governor of the southern state of Georgia, Brian Kemp, signed a legislation for a “Heartbeat Bill”, which makes it illegal for women to have abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy, which is when the cardiac activity of a fetus is first detected. The state of Alabama...
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Posted Jun. 26, 2019

We don’t need no education – we need a revolution

The thought of various politically trained 11-year-olds trying to bring down the system via proletarian revolution is one that fills me with a sort of unparalleled glee. Unfortunately, this kind of ‘education’ fantasy makes you sound like a bit of a maniac. More than anything else, it invokes unpleasant Stalinist images...
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Posted Apr. 11, 2019

Why private education is unfair

For some people, a private education is normal. It was just where they went to school. For many others, the image we conjure up when we think about private schools is one of ancient buildings strewn across rolling playing fields, of robed masters teaching Latin to the Camerons and Johnsons...
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Posted Feb. 22, 2019

Are too many students graduating with top marks?

Everyone remembers arriving at Warwick one overcast day in October, with suitcases crammed shut with belongings and ready to settle into university life for the first time. All memory of stressful late-night revision sessions to get the grades required for university were left in the dusk somewhere down the M5....
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Posted Feb. 3, 2019