Jessie Kolvin

Reflections on the Royal Wedding

Jessie Kolvin    Two people fell in love and it was hard not to be very happy for them. It was also hard not to be excited about what their union suggested for an outdated institution: a non-white person married into the royal family for the first time; a divorcee...
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Posted Jul. 5, 2018

Anything you can do (I can do just as well)

Flashback to 100 years ago in Britain. A select group of women had only just obtained the right to vote. Politics was seen as ‘The Old Boys Club’. Men were given power to shape all political affairs while women were expected to focus on domestic issues. Privately educated men, with...
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Posted Jul. 4, 2018

I write this as a survivor of rape

I am writing this as a survivor of rape and as someone who has escaped a violent partner. The ‘Warwick group chat’ story has brought shame upon the University. The story is so much more than a private conversation between Neanderthals who lack the wit for successful dark humour and...
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Posted May. 18, 2018

Bursting Warwick’s business bubble

Warwick was my insurance choice, so after the dreaded results day had come and gone and I learned that I was going to be spending the next three years of my life here, I endeavored to learn as much as possible about the university. Besides the comments that “Warwick is...
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Posted Mar. 18, 2018

Accepting my disability

At 14, we all had expectations of our lives, our dreams and ambitions. My 14-year-old self’s vision would have been meticulously detailed, dotted with exceptional achievements and on a trajectory to profound success. What wouldn’t have been in my vision was a wheelchair. Like many wheelchair users, my life changed...
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Posted Mar. 10, 2018

The majesty of Chrono Trigger’s soundtrack

First released in 1995 on the SNES, Chrono Trigger is the Star Wars of gaming lore. Chrono Trigger has rightfully earned its revered place in the pantheon of RPGs. I myself never played the SNES original, but in 2009 it was ported onto the Nintendo DS and I was finally...
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Posted Feb. 26, 2018

What does Feminism mean to me?

I proudly profess, I am a feminist. I believe in fundamental equality between all genders. I’ve studied Feminism from a historical perspective and a contemporary political perspective. I talk about feminism a lot in my everyday life and host a feminist radio show promoting women in politics. I read a...
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Posted Feb. 22, 2018

Snapchat Story Of My Life

Cogito ergo sum is probably the most famous philosophical phrase in the world. Perhaps though, had René Descartes been born 400 years later, he’d have coined the Latin translation for “I Snapchat, therefore I do”, because you’d be hard pressed to find someone who misses an opportunity to show off...
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Posted Jan. 28, 2018

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows…

The viral Instagram hashtag #Couplegoals has over 6 million posts. The majority of these posts depict couples sharing extravagant gifts, or enjoying perfectly captured ‘date nights’. There are many Instagram accounts that flood our feeds, usually named around some variation of the phrase ‘couple goals’. The stereotypical couple will be...
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Posted Jan. 22, 2018