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Studying Abroad: Life experiences and embracing the moment

Studying abroad can either be one of the best experiences you have or an experience to completely forget. During my time at university, I have been fortunate enough to undergo two academic changes, one at the University of Waterloo in Canada for eight months, and one at Tsinghua University, China, for two weeks. Both of these experiences took place under different contexts with different objectives yet, both taught me valuable lessons that I needed.
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Posted Sep. 4, 2019

Sex and Stigma: Why I write Erotica

I‘m an old-fashioned girl. I sit on the armchair in a noisy corner of Caffe Nero with a soya flat white perched on the edge of the coffee table, invisible to the people around me and blending in seamlessly. The whirring of the coffee machine, the click of the keyboards...
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Posted Jun. 17, 2019

A letter to Warwick men, from a Warwick man

To my fellow Warwick men, The group chat scandal that engulfed this university caught the attention of both the wider community and the nation. Why? One reason, perhaps, is the apparent normality of those men whose names and faces have been broadcast all over social media, those who spoke about...
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Posted Feb. 14, 2019

Lessons learned from the asylum seeker challenge

In week four of this term, members of the Warwick STAR team participated in the Asylum Seeker Challenge, which aimed to understand the struggle that asylum seekers face when moving to the UK. In this, individuals are given £38 for their livelihood, which does not roll over if they save...
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Posted Feb. 8, 2019

Living at university with an eating disorder

What is it like living at university with an eating disorder? One writer shares it all. (Trigger Warnings: Eating disorder, Bulimia) One of the many infuriating aspects of having mental health issues is the desire to combat the stigma surrounding them, yet wanting to maintain as much normality in your own...
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Posted Dec. 4, 2018

Lessons learnt from a gap year: part two

In the second part of this gap year series, we explore how different cultural experiences can provide you with lifelong lessons.    Your family aren’t just those related to you Staying with a Filipino family for two weeks during my year off, I learned how accepting their culture is of welcoming others...
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Posted Nov. 16, 2018

Lessons learnt from a gap year: part one

No, I didn’t do any of my recommended summer reading, nor did I learn the suggested vocab list. However, my ‘gap yah’ wasn’t all just party-hostels either. I ended up working at an international school in Malaysia. 6,584 miles away from my family, I started my first ever serious job,...
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Posted Nov. 9, 2018