Matthew Oulton

You say you want a revolution

If it happened in a film, we’d dismiss it as unbelievable. Last night, an angry mob, many illegally armed, descended from the White House to the US Capitol, home of the Congress. Their goal – to prevent the certification of the Presidential election that took place in November. Their strategy...
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Posted Jan. 7, 2021

The rise and fall of Dominic Cummings

At the heart of the biggest realignment of British politics in the last 20 years was one man. Working for the Conservatives, but not a Tory, targeting the working-class, but married to an aristocrat, the enigmatic Dominic Cummings took the Conservatives from a party of liberal metropolitan constituencies to the...
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Posted Dec. 21, 2020

What role do political beliefs play in climate activism?

Tackling climate change feels like it should be an apolitical issue. However, in recent years centre-left parties have been increasingly backing pro-climate policies, whilst the right remains largely unmoved. This divide has politicised the climate issue, transforming every common-sense method to tackle climate change into a political grenade, waiting to explode in...
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Posted Oct. 22, 2020