Keith Mulopo

Last Night I Watched: ‘A Clockwork Orange’

Novel-to-film adaptations have garnered mixed results to say the least. Directors and screenwriters often struggle to deduce which themes and perspectives they wish to display from the source material on screen. Not only this (and given creating a film is always a difficult task) they have to consider that the...
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Posted Oct. 13, 2020

Top Ten Rock Albums of 1967

1967 will always go down as one of the most iconic years in music history: psychedelic rock and political messaging were polished off with the liberating 'Summer of Love'. Although it's near impossible to whittle down such a revolutionary moment, Keith Mulopo takes on the challenge.
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Posted Sep. 1, 2020

Radiohead’s ‘The Bends’: the resurrection of art-rock

'By 1995, Radiohead wanted to exorcise the ghost of ‘Creep’. In his review of The Bends, Keith Mulopo contests that they went even further: they resurrected art-rock and redefined its alternative relative, making a record still worth remembering a quarter of a century later.
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Posted Apr. 16, 2020