Keith Mulopo

Climbing Out

With final year coming to an end, Keith Mulopo reflects on the time past and contemplates what the future holds.
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Posted Jun. 9, 2022

Warwick Rugby rucks to victory

When arriving at the pitch 45 minutes before kick off, it was clear which team had the point to prove. The Coventry side were loud and ferocious with their pre-match warmup, while Warwick were more lax: the back line passing the ball between themselves, with the forwards stretching their ligaments....
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Posted Mar. 18, 2022

Roy Keane: the most must-see pundit in English football currently

English football punditry is weak currently. Across the four big channels of football coverage (Sky Sports, BBC, BT Sport, ITV), the quality of analysis is desperately ordinary. Honestly, I mute the TV during halftime breaks, knowing I get much more substantive insights from football YouTubers like Hughwizzy or Stephen Howson....
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Posted Jan. 29, 2022

At Jephson, 17/01/22

In Keith Mulopo's latest poem, he describes the feeling of Jephson Gardens and the place it holds in every Warwick students heart.
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Posted Jan. 27, 2022

Bus ride

Keith Mulopo's latest poem captures the contemplation and reflection that takes place during a bus ride.
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Posted Nov. 28, 2021