Fatima Patel

The class of Covid-19: navigating the job market in an economic downturn

For the Class of 2020, there will be far fewer jobs than in the previous year due to the novel Covid-19 and the subsequent economic downturn around the globe, leaving many with far fewer opportunities. For those who had secured graduate roles, internships and vacation schemes, there is greater uncertainty...
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Posted Jun. 4, 2020

The rebirth of bookshops

The impending retail doom of bookshops from the increasingly monopolistic behaviour of Amazon has been on every book enthusiast’s lips. Cut-price books, a delivery service that can place a copy of Bridget Jones in your lap on the same day, and cheaper delivery costs have been threatening to push traditional...
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Posted Mar. 7, 2020

The growth of the Islamic pound

The population of Muslims globally amounts to over two billion people, which is around 20% of the global population. Together, they spend over $2.5tn annually. Since the 1950s, immigration and globalisation has led the Islamic population to many corners of the world, from the USA to Europe. Typically, stricter Muslims...
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Posted Feb. 17, 2020

Championing diversity in the City

It is 6:30am. I am to travel to a prestigious law firm with a tower so high it will hurt my neck to see the top. I look into the full-length mirror in my hotel room. Hair slicked back into a low bun, a cranberry red power dress on, Nike...
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Posted Jan. 23, 2020