Eleanor Campbell

Why WarwickTV is the society to watch

WarwickTV’s co-station manager Ellie Campbell told us why it’s the society freshers should watch out for… Like all of Warwick’s media societies, WarwickTV is at the heart of campus life. This upcoming year is probably one of the biggest yet for WarwickTV as we have some new and exciting equipment,...
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Posted Sep. 11, 2016

Warwick says no to Azeem

Previously, a Facebook event for Azeem Ward’s Senior Flute Recital attracted over 50,000 RSVPs, the majority of which were seemingly British students. The event became so popular that Twitter users also petitioned for the event to be live-streamed with the hashtag #streamazeem. Thousands of Brits then watched the live-stream of...
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Posted Oct. 12, 2015


Ellie Campbell reviews the formulaic but somewhat entertaining boxing film Southpaw, with a ferocious perfomance from Jake Gyllenhaal and a refreshing focus on family rather than bloodlust and bone-breaking.
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Posted Oct. 1, 2015