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Warwick says no to Azeem

Previously, a Facebook event for Azeem Ward’s Senior Flute Recital attracted over 50,000 RSVPs, the majority of which were seemingly British students.

The event became so popular that Twitter users also petitioned for the event to be live-streamed with the hashtag #streamazeem.

Thousands of Brits then watched the live-stream of Azeem’s private senior flute recital on 16 May 2015.

Many then called for Azeem to tour Britain, suggesting that he could perform at University Freshers’ events.

We want Azeem. We want the flute.”
Alex Shaw

It was announced on Facebook on 28 August that Azeem had contacted Warwick Students’ Union regarding performing at the University, stating that he was “in the process of booking events for a UK Tour…hoping to perform a concert full of hip hop, jazz, and classical influences…”.

This announcement received much enthusiasm from Warwick students.

However, Azeem himself announced earlier in September that he, sadly, would not be performing at Warwick, he said: “Well it is what it is, its sad that I wont be able to come to Warwick.”

According to Azeem, Warwick SU did not respond to contacts, subsequently leading to the news that dates could not be agreed.

Azeem’s UK Tour with DJ Underbelly, funded by Kickstarter, includes performances at universities around the country including Durham and Kings College London.

Dani Sharp, an English Literature finalist was disappointed that Azeem would not be coming to Warwick.

Another student questioned why Warwick didn’t change its schedule for Azeem. He said: “The whole world would change their schedule for Azeem, why can’t Warwick?”

“If we can’t have Azeem, we want Ahmed the clock guy.”


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