Claudia Benitez

Schools kill a love of reading

If you’ve studied a certain book in GCSE or A-Level English lessons, chances are just thinking about it makes you grimace as you remember the hours upon hours spent trying to analyse the simplest of sentences. For many, this makes them not even want to look at a book for...
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Posted Sep. 15, 2018

Learn from Literature: The Tudors

Many say that books are knowledge, and knowledge is power. Historical fiction is no exception. Plenty will say history is boring, and that historical fiction is no more exciting, yet this is far from the truth. You can learn so much from reading historical fiction, and who would pass up...
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Posted Jun. 14, 2018

TV Picks: Favourite TV Couples

In celebration of Valentines Day, some of our writers have selected their favourite TV couples and the reasons why their love is some endearing to viewers. Eleanor and Chidi (The Good Place) – Mufaro Kapfunde  Existing on two entirely separate ethical spectrums, at first glance Eleanor and Chidi from The Good Place...
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Posted Feb. 15, 2018