Clare Clarke

Warwick denies planning admissions tests

Warwick University has denied reports by the Daily Mail and Telegraph that it is planning to introduce admissions tests for prospective first year students. The reports, published last week, state that Warwick and LSE plan to use additional selection methods such as interviews or additional examinations if AS level results...
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Posted Aug. 24, 2016

Should Britain remain in the EU?

Over two thirds of Warwick students want Britain to remain a member of the European Union, a survey carried out by the Boar has revealed. A clear majority also believed that Warwick University would suffer if Britain were to leave the EU.Of the 154 students surveyed, less than one in...
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Posted Mar. 13, 2016

Over half of sexually active students not tested

A new survey has found that more than half of sexually active students have never been tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Despite this, 63% have had unprotected sex. The survey consisted of just under 1,200 students from across the country, and was carried out on the popular student network...
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Posted Feb. 29, 2016

Social science students typically overconfident

A new study has found that Humanities students are under-confident, while students from subjects like political science, law and economics had the highest confidence levels. The study, conducted by Jonathan Schulz and Christian Thöni, took place in St. Gallen and Zurich Universities in Switzerland, and measured the response of 711...
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Posted Feb. 11, 2016