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Warwick denies planning admissions tests

Warwick University has denied reports by the Daily Mail and Telegraph that it is planning to introduce admissions tests for prospective first year students.

The reports, published last week, state that Warwick and LSE plan to use additional selection methods such as interviews or additional examinations if AS level results are unavailable.

On 17 August, the Daily Mail claimed that “elite universities are introducing their own admissions tests over fears that changes in the exam system may make it harder to identify the highest-performing pupils.”

The Telegraph reported that Warwick “may use additional assessments to decide on applicants from this year”.

However Peter Dunn, Director of Press and Policy at Warwick, said the stories were “complete nonsense”.

“As we told the Mail who first ran it,” he said, “The University of Warwick is not planning any extra entry tests to its degree programmes.  It does ask for the  STEP paper for some of its Mathematics degree offers but that is a longstanding arrangement that has been in place for well over a decade, it is not a new requirement.”

The reports come in the context of rising concern over the reduction in students taking AS levels, after government policy changes which mean they no longer count towards the final A-Level mark.

Both articles are still online and unchanged.

The Mail has been contacted for comment.

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