Claire Torina

Hi! I'm Claire, I'm a British-Singaporean student studying MChem at Warwick. I'm a big fan of anything to do with the environment and I'm a big foodie.

The threat posed by climate change to dry tropical forests

Tropical and subtropical dry forests house some of the world’s most unique and endangered species, yet in comparison to their humid, wetter counterparts, they often lack adequate safeguarding policies. Millions of people around the world rely heavily on these dry forests for their subsistence and livelihoods; for instance, fuelwood sourced...
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Posted Sep. 14, 2020

The science of Dalgona Coffee

If, by now, you have not heard of Dalgona coffee, or at least seen a thumbnail for a Youtube video wherein an aesthetically pleasing cup of coffee is displayed against a (typically) white background, then you have either lost your phone/laptop or are lying and I don’t believe you. Searching...
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Posted Jun. 19, 2020

Warwick Hong Kong protests: How it unfolded

On November the 6th, 2019, a group of Warwick University students from Hong Kong erected a Lennon Wall demonstration on central campus. Several hours later, the collage of a pig wearing a yellow helmet was taken down by campus security after complaints made by mainland Chinese students, who accused the...
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Posted Nov. 30, 2019