Arthur Kleinman

Beirut blast: Who is to blame?

To say that the recent explosion in the Port of Beirut was devastating would be an understatement. When the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate conspicuously stored in the port’s facilities for more than six years ignited, more than 200 were killed and an estimated 6,000 injured. The physical and infrastructural damage...
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Posted Aug. 21, 2020

The Deal of the Century: will there be peace in the Middle East?

When faced with the nihilism pervading current discourse around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one struggles to imagine that a viable, peaceful solution is possible. Less than three decades ago there was strong optimism regarding the potential for an agreement. This optimism has since faded away, and in its place has emerged...
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Posted Apr. 19, 2020

What role do paywalls play in shaping student opinion?

As the recent general election has cemented, the youth population in this country is overwhelmingly left-wing. A poll taken posthumously by Yougov indicates that 56% – an absolute majority – of 18-24 year olds voted for the Labour Party, as opposed to 32.2% of the public as a whole. How...
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Posted Dec. 30, 2019

Could the Civil Service be undermining Democracy?

If one were to designate an actor or institution that has suffered the most from the seemingly pervasive turmoil that has beset British politics in the aftermath of the EU referendum, a strong case could be made for the civil service, which has been the subject of relentless criticism spanning...
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Posted Jul. 30, 2019