Amy Holliday

International Women’s Day: the women who have inspired us

International Women’s Day aside, this week has been one where the experiences of women have been more openly discussed than they have been for a long while. It is only right that we all continue to celebrate women and their contributions to society. In this light, The Boar Features asked...
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Posted Mar. 14, 2021

75 years since Hiroshima: are we remembering it right?

Not long ago, a jawbone found at Hiroshima and preserved for decades was found to have been exposed to 3.8 times the amount of radiation than that emitted during radiotherapy. This is yet another insight into the extreme suffering of those that experienced the events in Japan on 6 and 9 August...
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Posted Aug. 26, 2020

Education Secretary sets out plans to abandon Blair’s 50% in higher education target

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson intends to abandon Tony Blair’s 1999 target of getting 50% of young people into higher education. Thursday’s virtual speech, hosted by policy think-tank the Social Market Foundation, saw Mr Williamson expressing his belief that Blair’s mantra was an “absurd” one.  He suggested that the target had...
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Posted Jul. 14, 2020

How did Bernie Sanders reshape US politics?

On the back of significant losses during primaries to Joe Biden, namely in South Carolina at the end of February, and in crucial states such as Michigan and Florida in March, we were all made aware on the 8th April of Bernie Sanders’ decision to withdraw from the U.S. Presidential...
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Posted May. 1, 2020