Aisha Zahid

Holocaust Survivor Talks At Warwick

In order to commemorate the 71st anniversary of the Holocaust, Warwick held a talk inviting a Holocaust survivor to share her story. The evening was organised by first-year history student Amelia Ireland, who is also a regional ambassador for the Holocaust Educational trust, with the aid of History Society.
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Posted Jan. 31, 2016

Maintenance grants abolished

In the summer budget, George Osborne expressed that providing maintenance grants to those from lower income backgrounds had become “unaffordable” and proposed that they would be replaced with loans.
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Posted Jan. 23, 2016

Education system ‘not to blame for skills gap’

New research conducted by Dr Thjis van Rens, of the Economics department, suggests that low wages are to blame for the STEM skills gap, not problems with the education system or inadequacy of training. Concern in the UK is growing about the skills gap. The worry focuses on the shortage...
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Posted Jan. 5, 2016

RAG week hits campus

The annual RAG week saw a return to campus during week 7, with all proceeds from the fundraising going towards Mind UK. The event raised £1,223.93 for the charity.
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Posted Dec. 1, 2015

Warwick UNICEF fast for ‘food, not fear’

Recently, Warwick UNICEF held their annual sponsored twenty-four hour fast. Everyone taking part had their last meal at Varsity at 7pm on Friday 20 November and broke their fast following the countdown at 7pm the following day. The fast was held to raise money for their Yemen Crisis Appeal, so...
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Posted Nov. 29, 2015

Warwick University and China in research partnership

Warwick have recently announced their partnership with Sun Yat-sen University in China. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on 21 October between the two universities, creating a research partnership focusing on the diagnosis and specialist care of cancer. The MoU wassigned by Professor Lawrence Young (pro-vice-chancellor at Warwick) and...
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Posted Nov. 8, 2015