Aisha Zahid

Warwick students design fully-orbiting satellite

A fully-orbiting satellite aiming to help global conservation projects is being both designed and built by Engineering students at Warwick. The satellite is set to be launched to the International Space Station (ISS). The Warwick University Satellite Project (WUSAT), based at Warwick’s School of Engineering, is developing its third satellite...
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Posted Aug. 17, 2016

Solar Impulse 2: The electric plane with a point to prove

We’ve all heard about the new age of self-driving cars, but the recent innovations in technology in the aviation industry is something you might know a bit less about. Solar Impulse 2 recently made history by completing a round-the-world trip while being fuelled by solar energy. The trip itself took 16 months in...
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Posted Aug. 14, 2016

Warwick RAG wins Society of the Year

Warwick’s annual Societies Awards returned on June 25, with Warwick RAG winning “Society of the Year” at the ceremony, held at the Vox Conference Centre in Birmingham. As well as “Society of the Year”, there were a further nine categories, alongside awards for Individual Contribution. For this year’s awards, a...
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Posted Jul. 13, 2016

Modular madness: The rise of Project Ara

Consumers already have the ability to customise their smartphones, whether it be through the selection of specific apps or picking out cases. Now imagine taking the element of customisation several steps further – that is Project Ara. The intention is to make it relatively easy and straightforward for the handset...
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Posted Jul. 9, 2016

#RateMySabbs: End of year review

As the academic year draws to a close, Boar News have conducted their annual review of the Sabbatical Officers. Firstly, a recent survey conducted by the Boar questioned students on their views towards this year’s Sabbatical Team. The average ranking overall was 6/10 for the Sabbatical Team’s performance this year,...
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Posted Jun. 24, 2016

SU officers nominated for NUS award

This year’s Sabbatical Team have recently been shortlisted for ‘Officer Team of the Year’ at this year’s NUS awards. The award category looks at how effectively the team has represented the views of Students’ Union (SU) members. It also bears in mind how the team has worked together to benefit...
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Posted Jun. 19, 2016

BREAKING: Warwick votes to stay in NUS

The results of the Warwick Students’ Union (SU) policy referendum have been announced, and Warwick is to remain in the National Union of Students (NUS). This follows a record turnout in an SU policy referendum, with over 10% of students voting. The question was: “Should Warwick continue its affiliation with...
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Posted May. 20, 2016

Results of 24-hour library survey

A recent survey conducted by Warwick SU revealed that of the respondents, 83% were in favour of a 24-hour library outside of Term 3. Also, a total of 82% said that the library is their preferred choice of a 24-hour workspace. The survey was targeted at students in support of...
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Posted May. 16, 2016