Shannon McGuigan

Do bans on Islamic dress and unilateral approaches to student finance create barriers for Muslim students pursing Higher Education?

Over the years, more barriers have been put in place creating more difficulties for Muslims to be able to access Higher Education within Europe. Often, these specific barriers required Muslim people seeking higher education to choose between pursuing academia and their own religious beliefs. Throughout Europe, there have been several...
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Posted Mar. 11, 2021

LGBTQIA+ Britons who have helped shape history

L GBTQIA+ Brits have helped to shape the UK and the wider world throughout history. From political advocacy, codebreaking, music and culture, LGBTQIA+ Britons have influenced every walk of life. In a collaborative piece, Shannon McGuigan, Bailey Agbai, Cristina Maino and Amoy Daley have highlighted the life and achievements of...
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Posted Mar. 4, 2021

Why did the country stop clapping for the NHS?

The NHS staff have been on the frontlines of a global pandemic that has brought the country to its knees. During March of 2020, the UK seemed to be fuelled by the positivity that if we banded together we could tackle the virus. Whilst we sat at home, NHS staff...
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Posted Feb. 24, 2021