Sam Savelli

Why walking is the best way to satisfy your wanderlust

There are many things that make Venice an amazing city, but perhaps one of its most unique features is the fact that there are no roads and no cars whatsoever. There is a single train station on the west side of the island, not far from the foot of the only road that bridges Venice and the mainland. Here, buses offload passengers and go no further, while cars pile into nearby multi-story car parks. This is without a doubt the ugliest part of Venice, quite possibly because the vehicles and car parks are totally jarring compared to the rest of the city.
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Posted Jun. 11, 2019

Reflecting on our time with The Boar (II)

In our second and final edition, some of our outgoing Editors (and Social Secretary!) share their experiences of working with The Boar and ultimately, what the paper has meant to them. With this being our final edition of these testimonials, I think it’s long overdue to give both a huge congratulations and...
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Posted Mar. 30, 2019