Nishat Uddin

Music is what love sounds like

Love is expressed in many ways, acts of service, gifts, words, actions and I think most importantly to me, through music. Nietzsche once observed that without music, life would be aimless, and I tend to agree. Music, spanning different centuries and genres, performs a variety of roles for people in their daily lives.
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Posted Feb. 14, 2020

Brilliance all around: Berlin at Christmas

My first time in Berlin coincided with my first Christmas getaway without my family, generating a vastly new experience for me. However, the city exceeded any expectations I had going in. I have always wanted to visit the city dubbed as one of the ‘coolest’ for young people. With a vibrant nightlife, art scene and historical significance, every corner held something new and wonderful and, more importantly, something for every kind of traveller. From my stay, I concluded that it is a tasteful place brimming with culture and fun for all people of all ages.
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Posted Jan. 13, 2020

Coventry’s finest: JAY1 live at Empire

The Coventry rapper was home again, this time at an intimate venue in the heart of Coventry, and he did not disappoint. There was a short wait before the young UK rapper came on stage, time to look around and notice the range of the crowd.
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Posted Dec. 1, 2019

Album of the month: Dave’s Psychodrama

Three years ago, Dave came on our radar, his freestyle videos and his unbridled abilities on ‘Thiago Silva’ proved he could hold his own in the world of grime and rap. Dave, now aged 20, has released his long-awaited debut studio album, Psychodrama (named after a form role-play psychotherapy). But is it as good as we all wanted it to be?
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Posted Mar. 19, 2019

“It was real, gritty and understated”: a review of ‘Concubine’

Concubine is a brilliant and breath-taking, gritty portrayal of the abuse of young women in the urban music industry. Amarha Spence, who wrote and performed Concubine, delivers a masterpiece focused on womanhood, sexuality and faith in the face of acute abuse, mistrust and lack of consent. The play, focused on the...
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Posted Mar. 1, 2019