Lauren Hurrell

Our guided tour of campus art

You may think you know the University of Warwick campus, but something you probably don’t know is that it is a centre of modern art. By modern art we mean the sense that you can never be 100% certain if it is in fact art or not. As an alternative...
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Posted Oct. 4, 2017

Literary societies you’ll love

Faced with the lengthy list of societies that Warwick has to offer, it’s often difficult to choose which ones to put time aside for. Here at The Boar Books, we have scouted out a selection of literary based societies which you’ll be sure to love if you’re interested in reading or...
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Posted Sep. 27, 2017

What I’ve learnt at the Edinburgh Fringe

So, Edinburgh Fringe 2017 is over: the crowds have evacuated in the face of normal life; flyers have been ripped down from the Mile; and venues have gone back to being whatever the hell they are for 11/12ths of the year. It is possible for a human being to live...
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Posted Sep. 2, 2017

How to nail your first audition

The opportunities in student theatre at the University of Warwick are many and varied. Here at Boar Arts, we love reviewing the fantastic shows put on throughout the year by our talented students. However, we know that plucking up the courage to audition for your first show can be a...
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Posted Aug. 19, 2017

MTW’s Improv Musical: Electric, Eclectic and Entertaining

As someone whose experience of improvisation is limited to awkward games in GCSE drama classes, I approached the Improv musical with a degree of trepidation. The concept seemed simple enough; an hour of purely improvised entertainment by a group of musical theatre actors who create a play from a location,...
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Posted May. 3, 2017

Social Secretary: trials and tribulations

So elections for the 2017/18 society execs are over. Old members have been replaced by younger, fresher-faced, and better slept first and second years. An important member of every society is the social secretary—the glue of the team, the one who everyone entrusts with a most valuable possession: their social life....
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Posted Apr. 4, 2017

Warwick-centric memes take campus by storm

There has been a surge of interest recently in Warwick-centric meme pages on Facebook: from the simply named ‘Warwick Memes’ to ‘Memewick’, and even, in homage to one of the defining features of campus life, ‘Warwick Uni Memes for Koan Shaped Teens’ (WUMFKST), each gaining thousands of likes. Although shared...
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Posted Feb. 18, 2017

LitSoc go to Prague: culture, kilts and coaches

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are several ways of getting to Prague from our small, midlands campus on a Saturday night: plane, train, luxury private jet. We opted for the for the 22-hour coach ride. Five countries and too many hours later, we piled out of the bus and into our beautiful hostel in...
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Posted May. 1, 2016

New Warwick Snapchat Filter Released

A new student-designed Warwick University Snapchat filter may be on the way, this time featuring the most famous piece of campus artwork: the Koan. This will add to the previous two University filters in allowing students’ to show off their Warwick pride as part of Snapchat’s ‘geofilter’ feature, which allows users to superimpose unique images relating to their location onto their pictures.
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Posted Jan. 25, 2016