Image: Snapchat/University of Warwick

New Warwick Snapchat Filter Released

A new student-designed Warwick University Snapchat filter may be on the way, this time featuring the most famous piece of campus artwork: the Koan.

This will add to the previous two University filters in allowing students’ to show off their Warwick pride as part of Snapchat’s ‘geofilter’ feature, which allows users to superimpose unique images relating to their location onto their pictures.

Image: Snapchat/University of Warwick

Image: Snapchat/University of Warwick

The filter was submitted by the creators of the first Warwick Snapchat filter, second-year students Kyle Byrne and Richard Gold.

Richard suggests that the new filter “looks a lot cleaner and more modern than the current available ones”.

However, students may be left waiting as it will take up to a month for the application to be accepted.

He also added that the university was not consulted over the setting up of this filter.

The new image seems to be popular with students. First year engineering student George Smith Lomas said “I’ll definitely start using the Warwick Snapchat filter more if it has the Koan in it”.


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