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Literary societies you’ll love

Faced with the lengthy list of societies that Warwick has to offer, it’s often difficult to choose which ones to put time aside for. Here at The Boar Books, we have scouted out a selection of literary based societies which you’ll be sure to love if you’re interested in reading or writing!


Writing Society

At Writing Society, we explore all the ways in which we can use creative writing to navigate our world, whether that’s via poetry, prose, drama, or any other method of putting words to paper or screen. Whether you’re a serious novel-writer, just want to flex your creativity with a few mental exercises, or are looking to meet like-minded writers, we are the right society for you. We support writers of all abilities, experiences and interests – no matter what subject you’re studying. We offer two weekly sessions, regular socials and writing extravaganzas.  Watch out for the jam packed year we’ve got planned, including our second Authors on Campus event, several ‘Writer-All-Nighters’ and a literary trip to London. See you there!

Sophie Miller

Shakespeare Society

The Shakespeare Society aims to bring curious and perceptive people together through an appreciation of the work of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries. We use practical and academic methods including performances of Shakespeare’s works, workshops led by experts in Jacobean literature and trips to the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford to try and gain a greater understanding of the texts. We want to make Shakespeare accessible to everyone at the university, but we also aim to illustrate how relevant the plays of the Bard are today; we believe the texts’ central themes to be timeless and innately human.

Shakespeare Society is a warm, welcoming society with very approachable members who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Our welcoming ethos and desire to meet those who are similarly passionate about this type of literature means we are a fantastic place for first time directors and producers to test whether they enjoy an aspect of theatre production previously unfamiliar. Ultimately, we want to spread the word about how great Shakespeare’s texts are and can’t wait to meet both those who already agree with us and those who are willing to look a little deeper into his works.

Miles Warburton

Comic Book Society

Comic Book society brings together people with a love for both British and American style comic books and graphic novels. Comic books are slowly becoming more popular than ever; it’s impossible to get from one side of campus to the other without running into someone displaying some form of comic book attire, whether it be Marvel, DC or the horrendously underappreciated 2000AD (no prizes for guessing what my favourite is!).

As a member, you can take part in conventions, film marathons, pub trips… if it can be related to comic books then we’ll do it! Every week we hold an informal meeting for our members to catch up on the latest comic book news and borrow books from our library ,which contains over 200 titles almost completely free. Whether you’re a newbie or a comic book veteran this society is a suitable place to meet likeminded people and further your interests.

Peter Darby

Literature Society

Warwick’s Literature Society is not only the main society for the English Literature course, but it is also for anyone who likes a good read now and then. It was one of the first societies I joined back in first year and the one I made a ridiculous amount of friends through. Now, as President, this is (fingers crossed) going to be our best year yet! This year we’re offering a huge range of socials, from our international tour (location to be revealed soon) and the incredibly popular ‘Lit and Lang’ Ball, to our successful Humanities vs Sciences bar crawl. We also have your academic needs sorted with talks, careers events, and a specifically designated Academic Aid officer for when those Modern World Literature lectures get a bit too much. Most excitingly, this year will see the beginning of ‘Litsoc Families’, so you can get support from older students or just have a cute family meal now and then. So join us for an easygoing, entertaining society and for general Litsoc fun!

Lauren Hurrell

Cobalt Society

Cobalt Magazine is a largely online, student publication devoted to all things photographic, artistic and fictive. We publish content ranging from short stories and poems, to features – this could be anything that you want it to be, for example TV and fashion – as well as illustrations and your favourite photographs. Aside from submitting, we have a range of opportunities for everyone who’d like to be involved, including sub-editing, formatting the magazine itself, as well as a host of new roles we’re introducing for 2017. We will be recruiting for new roles in Week 2 as we look to fill in gaps for a Social Media Manager and Photography Editor, among others. Although we’re a rather small society, this means we are inclusive and welcoming.

Hazal Kirci


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