Jasmine Walker

Year abroad diaries: what it is like learning in other countries

Studying abroad is offered as part of many degree programmes. Learning in a new cultural setting provides students with a chance to develop skills and potential which may have been left untapped had they remained at home. I am currently studying at the University of Siena for my third year. In my experience so far, there are more similarities than differences between the UK and Italian university systems but the differences certainly take some getting used to.
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Posted Mar. 13, 2020

Why photo albums make for the perfect musing of your travel photographs

Traveling and photography go hand in hand. There is no better pairing than a great holiday remembered by pictures of special moments. Whether you travel with friends, family, or go it alone, you will no doubt have a few photographs by the end of your time away.\ Quick and easy access to phones, or even retro polaroid cameras, make capturing a moment even easier. But what happens to the hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures taken on holidays or longer periods of travelling? I, for one, am guilty of storing unreasonable numbers of photos on my phone, many of which I forget I have as soon as I get home. Social media feeds are often dotted with perfectly posed travel photographs.
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Posted Feb. 21, 2020

Giving books a second chance

Have you ever started a book only to have to give up on it after the first chapter? Or had to reluctantly slog through a book at school or university as part of your studies? Maybe you even initially enjoyed a book only to be put off after being forced...
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Posted Apr. 4, 2019

The uncertain world of literary plagiarism

In the literary world, it is close to impossible to prove that someone stole your idea. Nevertheless there have been endless disputes over the theft of an author’s intellectual property. But how valid are these claims of plagiarism and can anyone ever prove the provenance of their ideas? It is...
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Posted Mar. 17, 2019