Hayley Ho

‘Abyss’ review

Hayley Ho reviews South Korean drama 'Abyss', reflecting on the mysterious and dramatic plots, while praising the cast for creating emotion and portraying genuine relationships.
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Posted Sep. 20, 2020

The art of gifting books

Hayley Ho considers what books we should be gifting in light of David Nicholls claiming “gifting books feels like changing the music at someone else’s party"
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Posted Sep. 11, 2020

The best ways to beat boredom on your next holiday

Although going on holiday is great fun most of the time, there are often moments when it can be boring. Maybe you’re waiting for your next flight, maybe you’re on the flight and it’s a long-haul, or possibly you’re just waiting for the rest of your travel companions to get ready. Here are some tips for what you can do to pass the time when you’re bored on holiday.
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Posted Oct. 22, 2019

Why a family holiday is the best way to spend some family time together

While many of us are at the age where we are able to and happy to go travelling with friends, we often continue to go on family holidays. Family holidays are a nice way to spend time with your family and make nice memories, away from our  busy daily lives. Now that many of us are living away from home for the majority of the year, it’s difficult to spend much time with family. Even when you’re back at home, you may be meeting up with old friends, so it’s nice to exclusively spend time with family.
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Posted Aug. 27, 2019

Why it is not always a bad idea to take your gadgets on holiday

Going on holiday is a good time to leave technology aside for a bit, but at the same time, technology can be very useful when travelling, and make things run a little smoother. For me, I would always take my phone, for the obvious function of contacting people and taking photos. However, I would also use my phone to set alarms in the morning, so I can make the most of the day, or use the maps to find tourist spots and places to eat.
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Posted Aug. 12, 2019