Why taking your gadgets on holiday isn't always a bad idea
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Why it is not always a bad idea to take your gadgets on holiday

Going on holiday is a good time to leave technology aside for a bit, but at the same time, technology can be very useful when travelling, and can make things run a little smoother. For me, I would always take my phone, for the obvious function of contacting people and taking photos. However, I would also use my phone to set alarms in the morning, so I can make the most of the day, or use the maps to find tourist spots and places to eat.

I also like to take my earphones with me to listen to music on long journeys, and an earphone splitter is also a good idea if you’re travelling with others. Headphones might be better than earphones, if you want to block out background noise more, but earphones save space. If you’re staying in a villa or somewhere sufficiently private, you could take speakers with you to create a nice, chilled atmosphere at your lodgings.

Another must for going on holiday is a portable charger, as you don’t always have time to wait for your phone to charge up before you leave. And don’t forget the lead to charge up the charger itself! Finally, I also take my watch with me as, even though I usually have my phone most of the time, my watch battery will last a lot longer than my phone, and therefore the good old-fashioned watch is more reliable if you just want to be on time.

Enjoying a novel on your e-reader can provide a nice way to unwind at the end of a busy day of travelling or speed up a long journey

If you’re going on holiday to a hot place, I would recommend taking a portable electric fan with you. Although a folding hand fan is good, using it can get tiring and the movement can make you even hotter. There are now so many different types of electric fans, including ones that you can wear around your neck to save you carrying it.

On the flip side, when going to a colder country, a small battery-operated hand-warmer is a gadget you should consider taking. I would choose a battery-powered one over the kind you activate through boiling and snapping because it’s much more convenient.

Another device that you might want to take on holiday is an e-reader of some sort, since it means you can free up your luggage for more clothes or souvenirs, rather than filling them up with books. Enjoying a novel on your e-reader can provide a nice way to unwind at the end of a busy day of travelling or speed up a long journey.

Aside from these basics though, there are now an increasing number of snazzy devices to make travelling easier. For example, a pocket translator is something that would be useful if you’re planning to go off the well-beaten track of tourist trails and would therefore need to communicate with the locals. A pocket translator allows you to translate quicker than through your phone, and makes you feel closer to holding a proper conversation with others.

Travelling and technology really go quite well together

Another desirable gadget is a suitcase with Bluetooth tracking to enable you to find your luggage if it were to go missing. This is a good idea, since luggage does mysteriously go missing from time to time, but of course, these suitcases are often on the costlier side, as is with most fancy gadgets. Always forgetting to top up on sunscreen? One of the more ‘extreme’ gadgets, in my opinion, is a handy device that can connect to a smartphone and track UV exposure, reminding you to re-apply sunscreen.

So, it seems that travelling and technology really go quite well together. However, it’s important to make sure that the gadgets you’re taking comply with airline regulations (or are suitable for however you plan to travel). You should also keep in mind that there’s a risk of misplacing the devices whilst on holiday, or them being stolen, if you’re not careful. Therefore, don’t forget to stay vigilant!


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